Sunday, August 2, 2009

ACS Releases Health Care Affordability Poll

American Cancer Society has released the results of a national poll taken last May of cancer survivors age 18 and over measuring health care access and affordability.

Of their key findings:

41% of people with a cancer diagnosis have had difficulty paying for health care costs in the last couple of years

52% of those under age 65 have difficulty affording medical costs

28% have used up all or most of their personal savings

21% have incurred thousands in medical debt

24% of those in active cancer treatment have delayed a recommended cancer test or treatment in the last year

26% of those with a cancer diagnosis (34% of those under age 65) report putting off needed health care because of cost in the past year

32% of those with cancer who are under age 65 have been uninsured at some point since their diagnosis. 67% couldn't find an affordable plan

69% of those with a cancer history say the health care system needs a complete overhaul or major reform

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