Monday, August 17, 2009

Army of Women: Call To Action For Young African American Breast Cancer Survivors

The latest bulletin from Dr. Susan Love/Avon Army of Women:

When a young woman is facing a breast cancer diagnosis, how the cancer treatments she needs may affect her fertility—and what might be done to help safeguard her ability to have a baby—all too often is not discussed.

By interviewing younger women who have had breast cancer and the physicians who treat them, the researchers conducting this study hope to learn more about the concerns of young women diagnosed with breast cancer in regards to their ability to have children and how they make treatment decisions.

To be sure the findings apply to all women, the researcher included women of all races and ethnicities. The researcher still needs to hear from more young African-American women who have had breast cancer.

If you think you might fit this study, please read on. And, as always, please pass this study on to anyone you think might be interested!

What’s the study about?
This study is exploring how younger women (18- 40 years old) and their doctors discuss cancer treatments and fertility, how newly diagnosed women make treatment choices (including fertility conserving treatment options), and how fertility issues impact these women’s lives after cancer. The study is also examining how having a breast cancer diagnosis influences a woman’s life after cancer, including her future family plans and family relationships. The researchers need 15 African-American women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 3 years.

What’s involved?

If you join this study you will be asked to participate in a phone interview and be asked questions related to your breast cancer diagnosis, treatment decisions, and family planning. The phone interview will last approximately 60 minutes.

Who is conducting the study?

Karrie Snyder, PhD, at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
(IRB Approval STU00012672)


Anywhere in the United States
Who can participate?
You can join the study if you match ALL of these main categories:

•You are an African-American woman

•You were diagnosed with breast cancer within the last three years

•You were between the ages of 18 – 40 when you were diagnosed with breast cancer

•You live in the United States

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