Thursday, March 18, 2010

National Breast Cancer Coalition 2010 Legislative Priorities

NBCC has released its 2010 Legislative Priorities


Guaranteed Access to Quality Health Care for All: We will not achieve our mission of eradicating breast cancer until everyone has guaranteed access to quality health care. NBCC developed a set of principles and a Framework to guide our work in achieving this goal.


$150 million dollars for FY11 for the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program: The inclusion of consumers in every aspect of decision-making and the Program’s unique grant opportunities have led to groundbreaking scientific advances.

Public Policy Priorities:

Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative: Despite years of effort by scientists, we still don’t know what causes much of this disease or how to prevent it, and we need a plan of action. NBCC will develop an overall breast cancer initiative that will make certain this happens.

Preservation of the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program: While NBCC pursues its work on guaranteeing access to quality health care for all, we are committed to making sure women screened and diagnosed with breast cancer through federal screening programs have access to the care they need. Congress enacted the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act (P.L. 106-354) in 2000 after years of NBCC grassroots lobbying and influence.

Consumer Involvement in all appropriate venues where decisions about healthcare and research are made: NBCC will pursue federal and state legislation and regulation to ensure meaningful consumer involvement in research and our healthcare system.

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