Sunday, March 28, 2010

Questioning Breast Cancer Marketing

A recent article from Canada expresses the growing concern among breast cancer survivors about the movement of breast cancer from being a serious disease to simply a tool to sell products.

The over-emphasis on using breast cancer to sell products changes the focus on which solutions are best in dealing with the disease

In her book Pink Ribbons Inc, Samantha King points out that "it's unlikely that the battle against breast cancer will be won so long as it is approached as a single-issue problem that is unrelated to other health conditions or to broader social issues. Large, corporate-funded, single-issue foundations have come to dominate health advocacy and, as a result, questions related to universal healthcare, discrimination, or the impact of the environment on disease have been pushed to the margins."

Straight Goods - Think before you pink - Breast cancer is a disease, not a marketing opportunity.

Using pink ribbbon marketing to raise "awareness" and focus only on screening is a simplistic solution that could do more harm than good.

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